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July 30, 2014

Weekend in Pictures: Dewey Beach

Spent the weekend in Dewey Beach for a friend's bachelorette party.  It was the perfect place for a bachelorette - beach, cheap casual bars, and just far enough away to feel like a real vacation. 

My top Dewey spots:

1. The Rusy Rudder - live band outside, can't beat that.
2. The Lighthouse - $1 tacos for happy hour - go right off the beach!
3. Bottle & Cork - a serious rock band bar. Grimey, just how I like it. 
4. The Starboard - build your own bloody bar on Suicide Sunday - need I say more about that??

What other bachelorette destinations have you been to??
July 22, 2014

Matchy Matchy

I've always been one for mismatching.  I hate looking too put together and I definitely hate looking like my mother just dressed me for the first day of second grade.  Needless to say, I'm a little surprised at myself for liking the matching sets that are popping up all over. 

I'm pretty sure Tuula's got it right. 

Making me think I'd like to stop in a Mango store. 
July 21, 2014

Weekend in Pictures

Got some long overdue things done in the apartment over the weekend - including putting my gallery wall back up!  Then rewarded ourselves with an at-home date night with fresh seafood from The Lobster Place at Chelsea Market.  

Also a high point of the weekend - hosting a pretty awesome bloody mary and breakfast taco bar on Saturday morning. I think this should become a monthly event. 

Finally finished off the weekend with a picnic dinner on the pier.  Not pictured: Strolling around Soho, afternoon rose at The Waverly Inn, a going away party at the Standard Biergarten, and Sunday dim sum brunch at Jing Fong in Chinatown. 

Didn't realize my weekend revolved around food until I just typed that all out.  Oops. 
 {tuna tar tar in an avocado boat with crispy baby squid}
 {Friday night feast}
 {epic bloody bar}
 {gallery wall}
 {more bloody bar}
 {even more bloody bar}
{Sunday night dinner}
July 18, 2014

Friday Musings

I'm not packing any bags this weekend and instead just kickin' it in the concrete jungle. 
I'm pretty excited about it!!

 {I'm obsessed with the Crate & Barrel French Kitchen table I spotted here}
 {I love everything Little Green Notebook does but this DIY is beyond awesome}
{been thinking about my bathroom and these painted walls sparked my interest}

Happy Friday!

July 17, 2014

The Importance of Good Art

I've always been a lover of art.  It's something I'm happy investing in and something that I never regret spending money on.  In my opinion, there's no difference between expensive art and something your kid drew in daycare.  Put the right frame on it and it can make the same statement. What matters is how it makes you feel.  A great piece of art can make a room, and one day I'm going to need a house with lots of rooms for lots of pieces of art that make me feel a lot of different ways.  
I should get working on that. 

I'm currently lusting over this Beverly Print from The Aestate. I'm thinking its refreshing and clean for my bathroom. 

July 16, 2014

I Want Wednesday

I had my eye on this dress for a wedding I'll be attending in August, and, like many times before, I waited too long to pull the trigger and now it's sold out!  Funny how once I can't have something, it becomes THE ONLY dress that would be appropriate for the occasion. I need it!!

Now that it's a dream, I might as well dream big.  I think some pops of emerald would really add an unexpected element to the outfit.  This Marchesa Gold Lilly clutch, complete with gold tulle, beading, and crystals would really make me feel like a real lady.  Add on anything Dannijo and you're an instant babe (I WILL get my hands on a Dannijo piece one day, hopefully sooner rather than later).  Some classic Essie Ballet Slippers on short nails and you're a total babe.   

My secret weapon to being the life of the party at a wedding is to wear flats.  Throw on a maxi dress and some sparkly or metallic flats and nobody even sees your shoes and you can dance for hours without looking like a slob with no shoes on.  Plus, you never run the risk of being that girl who gets down a little too low and provides the show that the bride and groom didn't pay extra for.
July 15, 2014

DIY: Affordable Landscape Lighting

Contrary to popular belief, the Jersey Shore is one of the most beautiful, fun, and peaceful places on earth.  I've been lucky this summer in that I have gotten to spend a lot of time at my family's home in Ortley Beach.  

Waving to boats that pass by on the bay while I sip my heavily creamed coffee is one of my favorite things to do, ever.  This past weekend, my dad and I came up with a great, affordable DIY for the front yard, which had recently been re-done.  

The front of the house had recently been re-done, and we are just starting to fill the space with plants. The stairs were built with built in censored lighting, but we hadn't really thought of how we were going to put individual spotlights on some of the plants in the flower beds.  

We ordered these waterproof LED strip lights from The DIY Outlet for a mere $54.99 and they worked magical wonders.  Once they arrived, it took us less than ten minutes to plug in the lights and line the flower bed along the stone with the strip of lights. 

I carefully covered the strip with some mulch so that the light looked natural and not harsh.  As the evening set in, we were immediately complemented by two of our neighbors.  We're both very happy with the outcome and the LED lights worked out perfectly - much easier than wiring individual lights.  I think it will look even better when the entire area is full of flowers!

Happy Tuesday!

July 8, 2014

Room(s) of the Day

My apartment has really fallen to the wayside this summer.  It feels like I'm never even here at all. The beach isn't bad, so I can't complain, but there are still rooms that I see here and there that blow my mind and remind me how much I love decor and making a home. 

Bold wallpaper in a bathroom, white painted plank floors, and rooms flooded in sunlight - they never get old. 
July 7, 2014

Weekend in Pictures

A long and lazy weekend at the Jersey shore with friends and family. My favorite kind of 4th of July. 
 {a sassy San Fran munchkin does Jersey}
 {epic meat and cheese plate complete with our favorite delice}
 {new spike ball obsession}

 {my favorite evening scene on Coolidge Ave}
 {babes on babes}
 {break from the beach for lunch at Labrador Lounge
 {pool games}
 {jumpsuits for every occasion}
 {backyard game of washers}

{some LED string light home projects...  more on that this week!}