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June 10, 2014

Party Food: Mini BLTs

We had a beautifully girly bridal shower for one of my best friends this weekend, complete in a Gatsby theme, including little tea sandwiches. I made these mini BLTs and they were a huge hit, and so easy to prepare!

You'll need:
Baguettes, sliced thin

Have the bakery slice your baguette pretty thin.  I wish mine were just a TINY bit thicker, but they got the job done.  Mix some mayo in a bowl with some ripe avocado to  make a nice chunky avocado mayo paste.  I added some sea salt and cayenne pepper as well. Bake your bacon on a cookie tray in the oven.  It'll stay flat, instead of curling up like it does in a pan.  Slice lettuce and tomato.  Smear some avocado mayo on one of the baguette slices, layer on the bacon, lettuce, and tomato, add a top piece, and secure with a toothpick.  

They're perfectly lady like and one bite worthy!