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July 30, 2013

DIY: Mexican Makeover

The inspiration:

My coworker had been eyeing these abcDNA lineage serape upholstered pieces and was willing to pay the hefty price tag ($495 - $1500) to have one in her new home.  I was able to convince her that although the pieces were pure genius, they were incredibly simple.  And so began our thrifty project.  We found a unique lucite stool on Etsy for about $150 (we probably could have gotten one even cheaper if we were patient) and a massive serape from Amazon for about $40. 

After a few YouTube videos on how to reupholster, a sushi meal, and a bottle of prosecco, we took the plunge.  The stool was covered with white vinyl, and the most tedious part of the project was prying out all of the old staples to get a clean cushion. 

I measured and marked the wood slab in order to get the lines of the serape straight, but in the end, we ended up eyeballing it, which worked out fine.  We're both pretty pleased with ourselves, and we're ready to start churning these out for our friends and family!

July 29, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Started the weekend with a night out with the dreamteam at Electric Room and then headed up to Hunter Lake for our annual girls weekend (see past years here and here).  The weekend included but was not limited to - Limies, food, jet ski accidents (see above), food, camp fires, sweet tea vodka, food, movies, and breakfast nook coffee conversations.  We usually stop at a winery on the way back home, but this year it was raining, so we opted to stop at the new Prohibition Distillery.  Seriously, this is THE best vodka I've ever tasted.  And I am usually the first to say I don't like vodka because it tastes like nothing.  Never will I speak those words again!! I came home with two bottles, and a glass on the rocks with a twist of lemon is just. so. good. Never drinking vodka again unless its Bootlegger. 
July 18, 2013

Recipe: Healthy Soft Serve

You guys, this is it.  This is the best thing I've made in probably the past three years.  It was such an accident and successful surprise that I am totally cool with bragging about how amazing and easy it is.  It's basically soft serve. WITH PROTEIN. Soft serve minus the calories, plus protein. What??

It's a million degrees in New York. No exaggeration - a million. Do you know what that feels like? It feels like a swampy sauna that someone left a bag of trash in.  Do you know what it feels like after you work out? It feels like you're swimming in an on Olympic sized pool of your own sweat as you walk home. Now, add some ravishing hunger. How does that feel? Insane is the answer. It feels, insane.  I wanted dinner - fast, with protein, and as cold as possible. 
The only logical answer is ice cream. Lots of it. 

All I did was put a frozen banana, four large frozen strawberries, two spoonfuls of cool whip, two scoops of vanilla whey protein powder, and a tiny tiny bit of almond milk into a blender and turn it on.  What I got - was heaven on earth.  It's creamy, perfectly sweet, cold, and delicious. The best part - you can eat it all with no guilt. 

Try it my friends.  Try it, and feel what it feels like in ice cold, soft serve heaven. 
July 16, 2013

Shop NYC: Canvas

One of the best things about New York is that you can walk two blocks and find a new boutique, restaurant, bar, mural, park, or hole in the wall you've never noticed before. As was the case yesterday on my walk to work from jury duty (talk about a silver lining). I stumbled across Canvas on the corner of Broome and Lafayette and couldn't help but pop in. 

From furniture, to linens, flatware, and vases - everything in the store was right up my alley. Clean, simple designs with no fuss. It's the perfect little stop for a hostess or housewarming gift.  I'll definitely be back. 

I was just about to snag some Dauville pieces I've been eyeing but the guilt of getting to work got in the way.  I will definitely be back.  You can also shop online here