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January 29, 2013

Quick Pick Me Up

Over the weekend, my mom and I made a tiny adjustment to my closet makeover that had a big bang for its buck. She had picked up this cute chevron liner at Home Goods (for $2.50!!), and we used it to line the drawers in my closet. 

Some drawers are totally stuffed so you can't see it unless you take a lot of the clothes out, but some (like my sock and underwear drawers) allow the liner to poke through here and there. Just one of the little things that makes me happy - even if I'm the only one who sees it. 

It was easy to install with two people (although my mom has a lot more patience than I do) - with one person holding it down and flattening out the air bubbles, and the other smoothing over and securing it to the drawer. 

January 25, 2013

Friday Musings

I finished my first winter intensive course last night and topped it off with a couple of glasses of red wine solo at my new kitchen table banquette (hint hint - it RULES!).  Then shot the shit with my dad for a few hours and talked life and tequila. I'm pretty excited for the weekend.  Kind of want to hang out with myself the entire time.. is that weird?

Hoping for a good hair day. Getting my hair cut and colored this weekend!!

Perfect weekend dressing:
Eye Candy
 Shameless femininity
 Open doors, sunlight, and perfectly toned hardwood floors

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January 24, 2013


I like to disappear of the face of the earth, gather my life off the floor, and convince myself that I've put it back together. This happens to be one of those times. So, I'm back.

This residential listing is actually what pulled me out of the woodwork.  It's JUST. THAT. GOOD.

This 1898 church and farmhouse is for sale for a mere $1.695 million in East Harlem.  I know the neighborhood is not ideal, but this place is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful - so I think the listing price is a total steal. Someone with more than $75 in their checking account get on that.

Check out all the details here