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June 6, 2013

Meals in less than 30: Soy Ginger Cod and Steamed Vegetables

I always grew up in a house where pre-packaged foods were never allowed. Bagged lettuce? Pre-cut fruit? Peeled shrimp? Never. All of our groceries always came from the farmers market and all meat was prepped by my father.  When I started living by myself, I tried to uphold the same standards in the kitchen. I did well for a few years, but once school kicked in and work picked up, I had to learn to pick my battles. If I wanted to get to the gym and get my dinner in before 10pm, I was going to have to give in and take the help. Pre-cut, pre-washed lettuce is heaven sent, and I go through a bag in three days, so it never goes bad. The grilled chicken strips at Trader Joe's are a grocery staple, along with broccoli florettes and bags of pre-shredded cabbage. I haven't come to terms with pre-cut fruit (that still grosses me out) but I've been able to manage my time better with the small changes I've made in my grocery routine. 

I try to make my meals take no longer than double the time it takes for me to devour them to prepare. Kind of like a relationship, who wants to put in the effort when the rewards don't outshine them? Not me.

This is a less than 20 minute meal.  My fridge is always stocked with vegetables, so its usually my side in every meal I make. 

Assorted vegetables
Soy Sauce

Turn the broiler on high. Let it heat for a minute while you chop your vegetables.  Once you're done, put your cod fillet on a piece of tin foil and stick it in the oven.  Set the timer for 7 minutes and check frequently after the 5 minute mark.  Add some water to a pan on the stove top and add your vegetables.  I like to add some garlic and salt and pepper.  Cover with a lid to trap the steam.  The vegetables will take about as long as your cod fillet to steam.  Once the water is just about all evaporated, add soy sauce to your liking. Stir a bit until your timer goes off and turn off the flame under the vegetables.  Take the cod out of the oven.  Put the veggies in a dish, and serve the cod on top.