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June 4, 2013

How To: Throw a Rooftop Engagement Party

Last week, I had the giddy pleasure of throwing one of my best friends a surprise engagement party (she had  NO idea).  The catch - she was staying with me all week, and the engagement wasn't until Thursday. I am definitely not a planner (everything always works out anyway, who needs a plan??), but I managed to keep it under control (tip: have a trained chef as your best friend) and the evening was AWESOME. 

There are really only four things you need for a good party: alcohol, food, good company, and good music. Everything else is just an added bonus.  I made a trip to Ikea the weekend before the party and stocked up on napkins, serving dishes, champagne glasses, and candles. We also scooped up 2 dozen mason jars for cocktails at our local grocery store (super affordable, and you can use them afterwards for anything). For special occasions, I like to use real glasses as opposed to plastic. You'll be surprised at how much they change the feel.  Another never fail trick - unless you have a full stocked bar, pour your liquor into glass bottles. Handles of vodka don't exactly have much charm.  Always have a decorative bucket filled with ice to keep beers and bottles of champagne cold. 

We hosted about 25 people, and we served bite size appetizers throughout the evening.  I also kept the drink options simple. Champagne to celebrate, Moscow Mules for the mister, and beer for the masses. 
We were lucky enough to use our friend's rooftop - complete with a Manhattan view and awesome sunset.  Once everything was in place, the party really ran itself and as far as I could tell, everyone had a great time. 

I'm so happy these west coast rats accidentally got engaged on our side of the country. I also loved keeping the secret for oh so long. You can really entertain yourself with a secret like that, right Mags??