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June 25, 2013

Closet Time Lapse

I'm still thrilled by the luxury of having a walk-in closet.  I haven't taken it granted for one second since I moved into my studio.  And since then, my closet has come a long way.  I recently added a large leaning mirror to the back of the closet to add depth (and more importantly to replace the cheap door mirror I had - TOTAL fat mirror).  It fits perfectly and makes getting dressed even more fun.

When I moved in, my closet looked like this:

After The Closet Factory worked their magic, it looked like this:

I then found this chandelier I fell in love with at Home Goods and had it hung, which I loved outside of the closet but wasn't sure about INSIDE of the closet. After living with it for a few months, I've made the decision that it just doesn't work.  It is too intricate and makes the small space look too busy.  I think I've decided to replace it with a simple lampshade pendant. 

Slowly but steady on this little space, huh?