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June 27, 2013

214 Lafayette

Every once in a while, I come across a property in Manhattan that reminds me how insane this city is.  Sometimes I get in a mode where I think everything in New York City is small and old and dirty, and nobody has outdoor space. I start to wonder why I live here, and then I stumble across a property like 214 Lafayette.  Similar to the time I mentioned 190 Bowery, this building is hidden behind the facade of an old power station.  

The townhouse is 13,000 square feet - including a 925 square foot private terrace and private indoor pool (complete with underwater viewing portals from the basement - WHAT?).  You can feel tiny under the 20 foot ceilings and open industrial chef's kitchen. Exposed brick and modern amenities while maintaining the detail of the historic buildings makes this townhouse my DREAM HOME. I am in awe.

Now, I've just got to figure out how I'm going to get myself into this house.  Anybody have eighty grand a month? Let me know, I have the perfect rental for you, and on top of that, a new BFF. 


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