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December 31, 2012

A New Year

Looking back at 2012, I realized it was a pretty big year. A lot of monumental events for myself and a lot of people I love.  But a new year is always exciting, and who knows what 2013 will bring. 

But, here are some 2012 highlights
 Missing swanson this year
Coco moved to New York!!
 Finally got a desk
 Ali and Caitie had an awesome 25th birthday party
Adult spring break!!
 Hung my long awaited antler chandelier
 Ate lots of John's cooking
Monski graduated, happy or sad. 
Neda graduated med school (for the 100th time)
 Family vacation in Mexico
Many summer sunsets
 Snagged this new coffee table on Craig's List
Summertime ice cream  (sadly, that ice cream place is probably gone)
Vineyards galore
Celebratory meal for getting into grad school
Many $10 lobsters at The Parker House
 Redid my closet
 Chrissy's wedding
 Two of my best friends packed it up and moved out to Santa Monica
 Made about 5 trips out to the west coast this year
Ate more of John's cooking
Drank more wine
 Shabi and Dave's wedding!

 San Francisco Sunset
My best friend moved NEXT DOOR!

This year is going to be hard to top!