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November 28, 2012

I Want Wednesday: Torre and Tagus

I had never heard of Torre & Tagus until yesterday's Joss & Main sale.  Freakishly coincidentally, I had just ordered myself these little glass piggy salt and pepper shakers off of Amazon this weekend. I had no idea where they were from, but as it turns out, they're from somewhere fantastic.  I love everything about Torre & Tagus's design. White, ceramic, taxidermy - what else could you want?! The animal head wall vases are my favorite. I'm thinking of ordering all three. 


Find out where you can get your Torre & Tagus fix here

November 27, 2012

Room of the Day

When the holidays roll around, I'm all about cozy comfort. Anything plush, soft, or inviting will grab my attention - which is why I immediately took a liking to this room.  After a closer look, I saw some pretty great details that made me love it even more. Look at those layered rugs - genius.  And notice that lamp - on the stacks of books - it gives the room a lived in, organic feel.

November 15, 2012

Travel Essentials

I seem to be on and off of planes constantly in the recent months and I think I've finally gotten the perfect travel tote packed. 

{illustration by Chris Giorgio - I love it!!}

1. Chunky Cardigan - If you're lucky- you're traveling to somewhere warm, but airplanes are cold. I like a big cozy sweater that I can pile on top of my outfit that will double as a blanket on the chilly plane.

2. iPad & headphones - I find airplanes strangely relaxing. The fact that there's no Internet and that you can't do much besides sit makes it the perfect spot to put on some good tunes, read a good book (I prefer books of the trashy, girly variety), and just chill.

3. Socks - There's nothing worse than frozen toes on a six hour flight. I shamelessly put on my fuzzy polka dot socks every time I'm on a plane.

4. Magazines - The airport newsstand is like a big kid's heaven - candy, nuts, magazines, and carbonated drinks? It's the perfect place to treat yourself (in addition to an airport bloody mary).

5. Gum - Chew a piece during takeoff and landing to avoid your ears popping.

6. Lipstick - A girl's best friend.  My favorite is NARS Sheer Lipstick in Barbarella - its a little bit glossy, a lot of bit moisturizing, and very subtle.

7. Nuts- Snacks to hold you over.

8. Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes - Airplanes are gross. I like to wipe my face down after I get off the plane to freshen up.

9. WATER - So important!! Water is so important anyway, but airplanes are super dry. If you stay hydrated you'll feel so much better once you land (no headache!). 

10. Ballet Flats - They're always my pick when traveling. Look put together, slip on and off going through that security line. 

11. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - Get off the plane, wipe down your face, slap on some of this stuff, and finish with some lipstick - you're good to go!

12. Leather Tote Bag - I'm loving this one from Madewell (that you can personalize now!!)

What are your travel essentials?
November 14, 2012

I Want Wednesday: Miami

I have a "just because" trip to Miami this weekend with my friend Sam. It's another sign of my ever-present poor time management skills.  Why I think I deserve to have a little weekend getaway when I am constantly complaining about my school and workload, I do not know.  It would be one million times more wise to use the time to get some serious study time in. 

I see a new years resolution in the works.  Either way, it's happening - so if I were to go all out on a spree, here's what I'd snag for the trip. 

Reality check - I will obviously be rocking my same old bathing suits and worn in sandals instead. 

November 13, 2012

Room of the Day

Bright whites to combat the rainy day blues. 
White is totally underrated. Every time I try to tell someone to layer white, they want to add a pop of color. 

The white on white on white is so tranquil and clean - everyone loves it - once it's there. 
Do yourself a favor and the next time  you want to bring some color into your home opt for white - it's a color. 
The best color. 
November 12, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

A trip to Philadelphia, a birthday brunch for a very surprised friend, and some beautiful weather.
 {early Saturday morning coffee at OCF Coffee House}
 {Brunch at Silk City}
 {spicy cucumber cocktail at Marathon Grill}
 {Sunday  morning run in Riverside Park}
{Brunch at Paradou}

Sometimes you just have to not do your homework and house some champagne to get back on track. 
Try it, it works.