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October 22, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

 {Wine tasting at Unionville Vineyards}
 {Lambertville in the fall. Literally picture perfect}
 {An ideal fall Saturday}
{Sunday morning cooking lessons from John}

Since grad school is in full swing, it seems like Saturdays are sacred.  Therefore, this weekend, it was spent perfectly. The perfect weather, coupled with good company, an early afternoon wine tasting, and a lingering late lunch in Lambertville really hit the spot.  Even so, losing my Sundays is truly devastating.  Second to Thursdays, Sundays used to be my favorite day of the week. It was painfully difficult to set my alarm and drag myself away from friends, brunch and abundant bloody marys, homemade crab cakes, and football yesterday.  I have a feeling it will won't get any easier.