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October 16, 2012

[Long] Weekend in Pictures


After going from NYC > LA > NYC > HOUSTON > NYC > SAN FRANCISCO > NYC in a whopping two weeks, I'm baaaack. Feels good to be home. I went nuts at work yesterday and today I feel somewhat caught up on life. San Francisco is never a disappointing trip and given the fact that my cousin got married (and has a growing baby Olive inside her belly), it was better than most. I'll have to sort out my pictures for that one but it was a beautiful wedding on the water with Golden Gate Bridge views, and abundant twine, lace, and burlap. My kind of party.

iPhone snaps galore
 {wedding sunset}
 {Rouge in Nob Hill after the wedding - SERIOUS dance party}
 {by Sunday I was dying for greens and any source of protein I could get my hands on}
 {Sunday morning breakfast with my parents at The Grove in Marina - AMAZING - so good}
 {Shabi and Dave (and baby Olive)'s cute little neighborhood}
 {little luxuries at Zen Day Spa in Lower Haight - don't go here. Manicure is great, people are miserable}
 {bridal cupcakes at Tortilla Heights in Pacific Heights}
 {morning fix from La Boulange}
{mom and dad get nuts}

Tonight I get to see my long lost friends for some CH homemade pizza and Tuesday night TV. It feels like a reunion of sorts - a reunion with my life.