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October 8, 2012

Last Week (+end) in Pictures

Things have been nuts over here and I haven't really figured out a schedule to get to the gym or eat or sleep regularly, let alone blog regularly. Obviously my many readers have missed me (hi mom!). 

 {an I Want Wednesday that my mom surprised me with in the mail!}

 {Brunch at Gjelina in Venice Beach. Holy butterscotch pot de creme}

 {Shopping in Silver Lake. Mohawk General Store R.U.L.E.S}

 {Saturday study date with Sarah at the Library. The Bobst Library has surprisingly cool architecture.. and floors}

 {Bartender Jay's specialty - the Rhubarb Sophie inspired by Minetta Tavern

 {Shopping on Abbot Kinney}

 {Alex's cute little backyard in West Hollywood}

{Posted up at a window seat at Aroma for some Sunday homeworkin}

 {helping Kerry prep her new cute little Santa Monica home for Opal and Mr. Caseys arrival. Have you guys ever used a Magic Eraser??? WOWZA} 

 {Alex's main mode of transportation - her car gets towed a lot}

This week, in between work and class, I go from New York to Houston to New York and back to San Francisco.  I'm especially excited for Friday in Napa and Saturday for my cousins wedding!!