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September 19, 2012

I Want Wednesday

In lieu of my first night of grad school classes, today's I Want Wednesday is aspirational. 

I want to be the badass female counterpart to Nick Wooster. 

I was recently introduced to Nick Wooster (although I had seen hundreds of street style photos) by a particularly slick (and straight!) male friend.  This vest in particular is what sparked the conversation (my advice - BUY IT).  

Besides being the definition of ultimate cool (THOSE SLEEVES OF TATTOOS- love), the guy is a total power house.  He's been behind the scenes at retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Park & Bond, and has recently moved on to back menswear at JC Penny.  On top of that, he is constantly behind his own collaborations (ones that in my opinion, all men should be aware of).  He is a man of many strengths and admired by many - especially me!

Nick Wooster - I am your biggest fan. Love, Mina.