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I enjoy simple things: solitude, cheap sheet cake, and sunlight. I also believe that white is, in fact, a color. Bring me fresh flowers and we can be friends.

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September 14, 2012

Friday Musings

This weekend I have orientation for grad school (yikes), which means I won't catch a break until my day off on Monday.  I plan on picking up the pieces of my life that have fallen apart over the last three months.  That means I'll be: getting to bed early (, doing laundry, watering my plants, and ridding my apartment of that NYC layer of dust that is always lingering (real exciting stuff).  Maybe I'll sneak in some reading by candle light with a glass of rose - which seems to be my new favorite activity over socializing these days (real healthy for a 25 year old, right?). 

Anyway, these images (and words) caught me this week:

 I know summer's over, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect white blazer. 

This Serena Mitnik-Miller watercolor really tickles my fancy

Perfectly baggy jean shorts for the last days of the season when you can wear shorts and long sleeves (my favorite):

Could read all day in this glamorous girly room

Cheetah Pants - on my To-Do List:

Some words that hit close to home