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September 20, 2012

Cheap Thrills

Sometimes when I find something that I like, I get a little extreme.
Case and point: cheap rhinestone statement necklaces. 

It started with a wary purchase at Century 21, that I ended up wearing regularly, and moved on to the blue necklace from Forever 21, and then I just had to have the neon one from H&M.  Yesterday, I stopped in Forever 21 and picked up three more under the pretense of "layering" (aka my way of defending my obsession). 

Cheap statement jewelry is my go-to way to play with trends without spending tons of money that I don't have.  The one downfall - it's cheap.  You don't want to get stuck at a social outing with green residue on your skin from your "super cute necklace" - that would be quite mortifying, no?

The solution - clear nail polish.  It's time consuming and a little bit annoying to do, but the payoff is awesome.  It not only seals the cheap plastic, but it also helps hold the rhinestones in so one doesn't go missing mid-date. 

Try it!