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July 26, 2012

The Closet

One of the most luxurious parts of my apartment (in my opinion) is the closet.  Closet space is so hard to come by in New York City apartments, and even more so in a studio apartment.  I don't know how - but I somehow lucked out with a big walk in closet in my apartment.  I never had a walk in closet growing up - so the glory of it still makes me squeal with joy. 

Since I moved in, I haven't done anything to the closet except put a dresser in and re-do the floors (which happened when I did the entire apartment).  The closet is a basic rectangle shape with two rows of shelving lining three walls and hanging racks under two of them (I put a dresser against the third wall). Although I've tried to organize with some wicker baskets - the thing is a mess. Clothes fall on me and handbags, yoga mats, and half used cans of paint are scattered along the top shelves. 

I did my due diligence and looked into tons of options for a custom closet - Ikea, The Container Store, California Closets, Home Depot, and The Closet Factory.  After weighing my options (and budget), I finally decided to go with The Closet Factory.  It's the same concept as California Closets, and only a tiny bit cheaper, but I felt more comfortable with the consultant and with the fact that they were a smaller company. 

The consultant and I worked together to count shoes (try counting your shoes - you'll feel nuts for having so many), measure how much space I needed for long hanging items and short hanging items, and decide on how many drawers I'd need. I decided to go with shelving units on the left and right side walls with the intention of putting a large floor leaning mirror against the back wall.  The final touches will be a new light fixture and a rug - at which point I will probably sleep in there because I'll love it so much.

The installation is next Wednesday and I've got the butterflies!


wanderlust said...

Large floor mirrors <3 you sold me from the beginning, but when I got to that part I died. I can't wait to see the pictures!! Where are all the shoes going?

<3 Kohler

mina said...

Cristina!! Shoes go in all that shelving on the left side - it takes up a ton of space... who knew?!

Ryeen said...

Congrats for getting excepted to NYU Mina!!!

mina said...

Thanks Ryeen! You da bomb!