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I enjoy simple things: solitude, cheap sheet cake, and sunlight. I also believe that white is, in fact, a color. Bring me fresh flowers and we can be friends.

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July 18, 2012

I Want Wednesday

Since I've put down the deposit for my walk-in closet renovation, I've had the accessories for the space on my mind.  Mainly a large mirror, new light fixture, and new rug. Currently, I have two high shelves lining all three sides of the closet, and a hanging bar on the right side and the back side for clothing.  The left side of the closet is home to my refinished purple dresser (one of my first DIYs in the apartment - I will be sad to say goodbye).  The new layout (which I will share soon!) will have shelving and hanging racks on either side of the rectangular space, leaving the back wall open.  

I've been keeping my eyes open for mirror styles that tickle my fancy - and I've realized that I am all over the place in regards to style - typical.  Here are a few that I've had bookmarked as inspiration:

|| 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 ||

It's just an itch, but I have a feeling I will end up with something big, white, and lacquer.