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July 3, 2012

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!

I hope you've made the right decision and taken some time off work to relish in the holiday that marks the peak of the best season of the year.

Why don't you up the festivity factor a bit by trying one of these things:

Grab some sparklers (I got some at the dollar store) and bring them as a gift. It's a never fail way to feel like you're 12 again. 

Fourth of July fruit skewers. Need I explain more?

These festive strawberries are SO easy - no bake! 

Don't hesitate to make a statement. I'll be rocking my overalls. Doesn't get more American than that, right?

Before you know it we'll be piling layers upon layers onto pale skin and trekking through brown snow turned slush in the city streets to and from work. So be sure to savor every second.

Happy 4th of July!!