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June 21, 2012

I Want Wednesday (on a Thursday)

Lately I've been getting back into decorating my apartment.  It's been left untouched for a few months and I haven't made much advancement design-wise.  I hope to accomplish a few things before the end of summer, so I've made myself a mental note to keep my eyes open for the perfect pieces.

To Do:
1. Customized closet
4. Coffee table replacement 

I currently have an oversized trunk serving as my coffee table - which actually works with my current decor while adding a lot of storage for my extra comforters and blankets, but quite frankly - I'm over it.  It is too big for the space and the dark brown doesn't really get me the light and airy look I am into.  I'm ready for something more mature and I think I've come across the perfect piece. The clear acrylic peekaboo coffee table from CB2.  It serves a purpose without taking up visual space - perfect for studio living!