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April 24, 2012

Antler Chandelier

This chandelier is something I have been searching for ever since I first moved into my apartment. Not only does it have decorative value, but I really, really needed the light. My apartment would get extremely dark at night and except for an ugly floor lamp, I had no other lights besides the one in the entryway and the one over my vanity. There was no existing wiring above my dining area, and I really didn't want to hire an electrician and go through the co-op board of my building, so  like most other projects - I called my dad.


There is a plug on the bottom of my gallery wall, so we ended up running a wire up the corner of the wall and along the ceiling. We also added a light switch (with a dimmer!!) so that the chandelier is fully functional.


It gives so much light and I love it! One of my happiest home improvements so far for sure.