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February 7, 2012

Stenciled Wall Paper

I recently had a moment when something clicked in my head. I love those moments!  The wall behind my mirror and buffet table (pictured in the center) has been lacking something, but I couldn't figure out what. I don't want to hang anything else on the wall because the mirror is pretty bold and I don't know what else it would mix with, but it needs something. I am a huge fan of patterns ( if you haven't noticed) and I love extreme wallpaper.  Unfortunately, due to a bad experience with a DIY wall paper project circa 1984, my parents are totally against it (and I'm a goody two-shoes and always need my parents to agree with me).

Enter my great idea. A compromise --  stenciled wall paper.  No glue, no mess, and if you hate it you can just paint right over it.

I came across Olive Leaf Stencils on Etsy because I had originally been looking for a chrysanthemum pattern- and it popped up on google.  After browsing the amazing selection, I am now leaning towards more of the art deco patterns (top left and bottom right).

From top left clockwise: 1| 2 |3 | 4

P.S. - the Oceana Collection is PHENOMENAL! Jellyfish? I die. They have to be my favorite.. just not behind my buffet table. Although....


Teresa Hamilton said...

I don't know much about stenciled wall paper, but this is so nice! Thank you for sharing! I also love this style of pattern.
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