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January 19, 2012

Recipe: Does this count as fried rice?

I'd like to say that every night I come home and make an extravagant meal, but I am really bad at lying. Most days, after I've gotten home from work, the gym, and maybe (more often than not) met a friend for a glass of wine, I just want to eat something fast, clean up, and get to bed.

I am not really one to have any prepared foods or leftovers lingering in my refrigerator or pantry, so I always have to start from scratch. Most days, I just start throwing some things into a pan and hoping it turns into something edible.

In doing this, I have created what I like to think of as my take on fried rice. I started by sauteing some spinach and onions in a tiny bit of canola oil. I then added some leftover brown rice I had in the fridge.  I was looking for a protein when it dawned upon me to crack an egg into my concoction as well. The end product was heavenly, took about 6 minutes, and was totally satisfying.

Definitely something I will continue to experiment with depending on what's in the fridge!