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January 26, 2012

Recipe: Bluberry, Avocado, Spinach Smoothie

Some days after a workout, I am not hungry for a heavy meal but instead crave something cold and refreshing.  Recently, I tried to make a smoothie that would satisfy my craving while still giving me the protein and other nutrients I needed. I worked off of this recipe, and altered it work with what I had readily available in my fridge.

1 banana
A large handfull of spinach
Frozen blueberries
1/2 an avocado
Almond milk
Protein powder
Honey or agave nectar

I didn't have walnuts on hand as the original recipe called for so I used some of my protein powder instead. As mentioned on The Scattered Cook, the blueberries are full of vitamin C; the spinach is full of calcium, vitamin K, and iron; and the banana adds fiber and potassium, which makes this the perfect "after a workout smoothie".
I don't use exact proportions when I make smoothies. I just guess and add where needed to taste, so I start with smaller portions, and add to my liking.

Try it! You'll be suprised how filling this smoothie can be!