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January 31, 2012

The Corkboard: Revisited

Last week, when I repainted and repurposed my cork board from the kitchen, my original plan had been to keep the cork board on the small wall to the left of the desk and to hang two or three white shelves directly above my desk for storage and other pretty things.

I had originally been inspired by this image:

  When I had completed the first step by painting and moving my cork board, I thought I had significantly improved my desk area.

Therefore, The main purpose of my Saturday trip to Ikea was to pick up two or three glossy white Lack shelves. After much convincing from my father that there was not enough height on the wall for three shelves, I came home with two. Once home, I was further proven wrong for many reasons.
1. The 43" shelves I had chosen got too close to the cork board and it made for an awkward situation at the corner where the two walls met.

2. Having two shelves required one shelf to be almost directly above my lampshade, which blocked a lot of light.

More often than not, even if I think I have the perfect spot to hang a piece of artwork or place a piece of furniture, I need to live with it for a week or two before I decide if I am really happy with it.
Which is how I came up with a completely different idea for my cork board and shelf:


Which just seems to work more naturally.  The shelf is high enough that it doesn't block a lot of light, and the space is less cluttered than it would be with two shelves and a cork board.

(P.S- Please excuse the box under my desk.  I don't know why I didn't move it to take the picture. That's about as real as it gets, I guess)