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December 15, 2011

Recipe: Baked Brie

For about 23 years of my life, I convinced myself that I hated cheese.  Very recently, I realized that I had totally been lying to myself for all that time. I LOVE cheese. This is a very hard realization for a lactard (someone who is lactose intolerant). Let's just say I've learned to deal with my unfortunate situation by googling if it is possible to overdose on Lactaid pills (FYI- it's not).

My cousin has been staying with me the past week, and of the many things we have in common, a deep rooted love for wine and cheese is one of them.  In addition to our cheese plate earlier this week, she came up with the brilliant idea of trying to make baked brie. We followed this recipe (sans jam and brown sugar, plus honey - because it's what we had) and were not disappointed by our first attempt.

Quick and easy and impressive. You'll make friends.