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December 1, 2011

Life Changer: The French Press

About a month ago, my Keurig just stopped working.  I can't say I was too disappointed.  I had actually stopped drinking coffee (one of my FAVORITE pastimes) because I didn't like the way my Keurig brewed.  In addition to that, the thing took up a TON of my counter space.  Little did I know, the broken Keurig was actually a blessing in disguise.  I had been meaning to try a french press for a while (a morning staple during our trip to the south of France), and it pushed me to test it out. 

I didn't do much research on types of presses.  I just grabbed the cheapest one I saw at HomeGoods (babe on a budget).  I use an electric kettle, which boils my water in less than 2 minutes, so making a freshly brewed cup of coffee really doesn't take any longer than the Keurig takes to brew a cup. 

The french press is filterless, which allows the flow of the essential oils of the coffee into your mug.  Because you control the amount of coffee to water (something you cannot do with a Keurig), I can make my coffee strong, something I missed using the Keurig, but still light and flavorful. 

It's a life change I highly suggest.