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November 29, 2011

Store Review Chicago: Jayson Home and Garden

If you follow me on instagram, you know that a couple weeks ago while I was in Chicago, one of my dreams came true (how lucky am I?).  I had been dying to visit Jayson Home and Garden in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, and BAM - there it was.

The store was just as great as I had hoped (although on the pricier side - but well worth it) and I gushed over just about every item in the store.  With everything from rugs, to furniture, to claw foot candlesticks, and beautiful plates, you could decorate your entire home from this one store (don't forget about the awesome garden department as well). 

Take a peek at some things that really tickled my fancy

Just to make my day even more magical, my aunt (who clearly knows me all too well) treated me to her favorite coffee joint, Intelligentsia.  They brew just like my Williamsburg favorite, Blue Bottle - right up my alley.  I am anxiously waiting a New York location.

Jayson Home and Garden
1885 N Clybourn Ave
  Chicago, IL 60614

Intelligentsia Coffee
3123 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657

November 23, 2011

I Want Wednesday

I've been meaning to get a cover for my new iPhone since I got it, but I hadn't found anything that really made me want to spend $50 on a piece of plastic.  Last night I stumbled upon  Society6 - a gallery of artwork from artists around the world.  You can order prints, laptop cases, iPhone cases, and a variety of other products with the artwork from the site.  The options are endless and I am so overwhelmed and in love at the same time!

The best part is that these iPhone covers are only $35!

Check out all the options here.

November 17, 2011

Recipe: Acorn Donut Holes

I love easy recipes with big wow factors.

I don't even know if you can really consider this a recipe.  But if you want your friends to think you are Martha Stewart when you're can barely make a boxed cake, I highly suggest you make these. 

Donut holes
Pretzel sticks

Melt chocolate in a bowl. Dip half of a donut hole into the melted chocolate and then dip it into a bowl of sprinkles.  Stick a pretzel stick in and let cool. Repeat, and you're done.

The perfect fall treat!
November 15, 2011

How To: Gallery Wall

Last weekend, I finally got around to hanging up all of my white frames that I have been gathering for over a year since I moved in.

The project seemed pretty overwhelming so I had been putting it off forever.  To make it easier, I used paper (I really used an old catalog) to outline the shape and size of each frame I had and used the pieces of paper and scotch tape to lay out the frames on the wall. It was fun to play around and rearrange the shapes until I was happy with the layout.

To make sure I was nailing the frames exactly where I had laid them out on the wall, I used a marker to mark where the hook on each frame was on my paper cutout.  Once the paper was back up on the wall and in place, I nailed right through the paper and then tore it off. It was much easier than I had expected (except the actual hammering - not one of my stronger skills).

I love the outcome and it makes the ceiling feel higher because there is so much to look at!  Everything on the wall has some sort of sentimental value.  A creepy painting my grandmother made of my sister and I, an original print from my aunt when I moved first moved into my apartment, souvenirs from Monaco and Mexico, antlers from a good friend, and many more.  It really makes me happy to see so many pieces from so many people and places I've been to in my life.  

Next step is having pictures printed for the frames... That might take a while.