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October 5, 2011

I Want Wednesday

The Parsons desk is the perfect no fuss desk for any room, no matter what you're personal style. I have always had a desk in my room.  Now that I live in a studio, I originally thought I had no need because it would take up too much space and I don't need to spend long nights studying for exams.

Having lived in my apartment for a year, I'm DYING for a desk. I do all of my work at the kitchen table and it drives me nuts to wake up to a computer and pens all over the table. I am all about a clean, no  mess kitchen table.

{all images via pinterest}

So, I've decided to replace my nightstand with a desk. A parsons desk to be exact. I am loving the west elm version, but I also spotted this version at Target, for a much cheaper price (and free delivery!). Decisions, decisions.