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I enjoy simple things: solitude, cheap sheet cake, and sunlight. I also believe that white is, in fact, a color. Bring me fresh flowers and we can be friends.

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October 27, 2011

DIY: The glory of spray paint.

Recently I am very into taxidermy- see here.  It may be because I am still wishing we had my late dog, Tigger, stuffed so that he could eternally chill on the couch.  Some may find this weird; I find it to be an act of true love (I'm 60% kidding). 

This summer my friend's dad was nice enough to part with a set of very old antlers from his family's lake house on Hunter Lake.

When I think about it, I am a pretty contradictory person.  I love color, but am entranced by pure white.  I like to eat healthy, but can't give up cheap sheet cake from the local grocery store.  I think I'm too mature for homecoming, but then I revert back to my college antics once placed in the environment.

Enter the glory of white semi-gloss spray paint.  This stuff can really change your life.  I always keep two cans around just to feel safe. 
A good wipe down and a couple coats of paint, and these jackalope antlers from 1898 are the perfect addition to my white frame gallery wall (that doesn't exist yet- but it WILL).

They're the perfect contradiction.  Masculine taxidermy meets feminine purity.  Plus, they're white. What's not to love? 
I'm pretty excited.

P.S. - Jackalopes are mythical. Don't worry, they had me AND Caitie fooled too.  How exactly did we exist before Wikipedia?!  No joke about 1898 though - these bad boys are old.