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September 9, 2011

Till Next Year, Summer

So it looks like fall is creeping in on me already.

Although I do love the idea of chunky sweaters, pumpkins, red wine and apple orchards, I by no means have had my fill of summer. A while back I had made a list of things I wanted to do before summer came to a close.  I can't say I've crossed off every item on the list, but I give myself the authority to extend the deadline until winter to get those couple things done.

 I basically got all the important FUN things checked off the list:

1. Go to Coney Island

2. Put knobs on my kitchen cabinets / paint the kitchen

6. Go to Governor's Island

8. Make my DIY chandelier

9. Re-paint the bathroom (chevron anyone?)

14. Swim in the ocean until my fingers are pruney

P.S. - My friend Chris made that illustration. I love it because everything he does is THE coolest, although, not too sure if I should be offended or flattered.... thoughts?