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September 16, 2011

Friday Musings: Weddings

I am obsessed with weddings; I just think they are the happiest thing you can celebrate.  Plus, they always call for a great party (have you ever been to a wedding that wasn't fun?). Even after all of that, the decor and aura of weddings is what thrills me the most (second to the bride and groom, of course). The highlight of my year last year was Kerry and Casey's wedding. It was one of the best days of my life- no joke. Everything was perfect. 

When I came across Mara and Matthew's wedding on her blog M loves M, I was just as much in love as I was last year around this time at Kerry and Casey's wedding. If I get married, I have a few requirements I am not willing to sacrifice - an all white cake, ranunculus and peonies, string lights, and a photo booth.  Mara and Matthew had it all!

{all photos from M loves M}

I'd like to have a wedding for myself instead of a birthday party this year. Thoughts on that?

P.S. - I thought I woke up an hour late this morning, rushed around like a madwoman, and thought I was getting to work half an hour late.  Once I got to work, NOBODY was at the office. I continued to think we had the day off. Until I looked at my watch, I was actually 45 minutes EARLY.
Is this real life?