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August 25, 2011

Recipe: Rainbow Cake

This past weekend we had an early celebration for my mom and my sister (who are both reaching milestone birthdays this year) to take advantage of our extended family being in town.  I was in charge of cake and I wanted to make something special.  Rainbow cake has been something I've been dying to try, and considering it was on my summer to-do list, it was the obvious choice.

The cake is pretty easy to bake; the hardest part is stacking the thin layers of cake on top of one another.  I used two boxes of white cake and split it into even bowls.  Once I had five separate bowls, I used food coloring to dye each bowl a different color.  I have two 9" baking pans, so I baked two layers at a time for about 15-20 minutes each.  I let the cakes cool overnight and then spent the next morning layering on 4 1/2 tubs of vanilla frosting (my favorite- the cheap grocery store brand) in between the layers and covering the outside with a thick white layer so the rainbow stayed my little secret.

Everyone was thoroughly surprised and somehow, a rainbow colored cake manages to taste better than your standard vanilla.