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August 10, 2011

Maison Gray and a little whimsy

As I was flipping through (OK, clicking through) the August issue of Matchbook Magazine last night, I was so excited to see a spread on one of my favorite bloggers, Blair Eadie, of Atlantic-Pacific. I was happy enough with that, but then stopped dead in my tracks and fell even more in love with Gray Malin.

His work is amazing and his recent series, A Timeless Pursuit, made me want to spend more time behind the viewfinder of my camera again.

 {grand central}

 {central park}

{brooklyn bridge}

{eiffel tower}



{the beverly hills hotel}

{getty museum}


The prints I love most are the ones of places where I have actually been and stood, which I picked out above (except laudree :o( ).  My two favorites have to be of Grand Central and Gare-du-Nord.  I have a liking for train stations and just fell in love with Gare-du-Nord during our last trip to Paris.  The black and white photography and the fact that you never see her face make it easy to picture yourself in the vintage Oscar de la Renta polka dot dress, which is a very easy daydream for me.

I love me some whimsy.