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August 9, 2011

The French Provincial

Remember my buffet I got at Homegoods a good four months ago?  Well I just got around to hanging a mirror above it - this weekend.

I can't say that I like one style when it comes to decorating my apartment. I like modern, traditional, vintage, I just can't pick one.  That being said, I knew I wanted to balance out the industrial nature of my buffet with something girly and not as cold.


I grabbed this French Provincial mirror off Craig's List for $50 a while back and had originally planned on throwing on some high gloss white spray paint.  It hung over my buffet for a good two months in its original state until I finally got around to painting it - fuchsia.

If you're tackling a project like this, I highly recommend you just use some high gloss spray paint.  It will take two coats of spray and you're done.  Being that I live in an apartment with no terrace, I had no idea where to spray paint.  The mirror is pretty heavy and I'm pretty clumsy so I didn't want to try to drag it outside alone; I've already broken enough mirrors to be eternally damned, so I opted for some plain old acrylic paint and a sponge brush. 

Bad idea. 
It took EIGHT coats of paint, three coats of high gloss sealer, and most of my Saturday to get a solid color on there


I do have to say, after all of my hard work I am pretty pleased with the outcome.  The mirror itself really opens up my apartment and the color is plain old fun.  It pulls the colors of my comforter out and into my "dining room".


P.S. - This is my 100th post! Who called me a commitment-phobe?!