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August 31, 2011

I Want Wednesday: ANYTHING from Jayson Home

I opened my mailbox last night to find what I thought was a new Anthropologie catalog - but I was so wrong.  What I found was a million times BETTER than anything I've seen at Anthropologie.

It was actually the Jayson Home Fall 2011 catalog.  The catalog is styled absolutely beautifully and I cannot wait for my next visit to Chicago so that I can visit the store in person.  The store (as well as the website) carries its own product as well as its latest Flea Market finds.

Every single piece is amazing - from big time purchases like sofas to the tiniest accessories such as a door stop.  The entire collection has a rustic glamour to it that I love; I could probably decorate my entire apartment with pieces from this one store.  

Take a look at my top picks:


August 25, 2011

Recipe: Rainbow Cake

This past weekend we had an early celebration for my mom and my sister (who are both reaching milestone birthdays this year) to take advantage of our extended family being in town.  I was in charge of cake and I wanted to make something special.  Rainbow cake has been something I've been dying to try, and considering it was on my summer to-do list, it was the obvious choice.

The cake is pretty easy to bake; the hardest part is stacking the thin layers of cake on top of one another.  I used two boxes of white cake and split it into even bowls.  Once I had five separate bowls, I used food coloring to dye each bowl a different color.  I have two 9" baking pans, so I baked two layers at a time for about 15-20 minutes each.  I let the cakes cool overnight and then spent the next morning layering on 4 1/2 tubs of vanilla frosting (my favorite- the cheap grocery store brand) in between the layers and covering the outside with a thick white layer so the rainbow stayed my little secret.

Everyone was thoroughly surprised and somehow, a rainbow colored cake manages to taste better than your standard vanilla.

August 18, 2011

Giving me the Butterflies

Sneak Peek --

Thinking about the finished product of this next project gives me the butterflies

Found this mantle via Craig's List at Kraus Farm Antiques and it is EXACTLY what I've been dreaming of for under my wall mounted television.
Some sanding, some paint, and a small contraption behind it to hide my cable boxes and wires and this baby is good as GOLD.

Those wires and boxes have been driving me nuts for about fifteen months now...

P.S. - Somebody get on this brass and glass table. It's awesome!

Shower Curtain Pick-Me-Up

I went into Home Goods the other night (a new one opened on 99th and Columbus!) hoping to come out with a glass cake stand with a nice glass lid.
Note to self: NEVER go into a Home Goods searching for something in particular. They will have anything you can imagine, except the one thing you actually need.

Case and point:
shower curtain hooks.




When I first moved in my mom and I searched forever for some cute shower curtain hooks but we didn't find anything.  I haven't put much thought into my bathroom yet because I plan on renovating it, but these add a bit of interest to my plain white shower curtain for the time being.

For $12.99, they'll tickle my fancy for a while. 
August 17, 2011

I Want Wednesday

I am totally in love with the ENTIRE Mr. Dannijo collection, but this bracelet really steals my heart (this necklace is an extremely close second). Not only that, but these insanely amazing handmade pale pink leather ballerina flats from the Ele Etsy shop are the perfect flat.  They don't have thick soles (a pet peeve of mine), the pink leather is a great fall neutral, and the soft buttery leather makes them the perfect wear-me-to-death flats.  Someone point their magic wand at my checking account so I can live my dreams. Stat.

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