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July 11, 2011

Wake up

So this morning I woke up and it was Tuesday.  Not just any Tuesday, it was Tuesday, July 12th.

That means it is full blown summer and full blown wanderlust is in full swing.

Saturday was the first time I felt the breeze off the bay on my slightly toasted skin and actually acknowledged the tingling warmth enveloping my body as I napped under the orange sky.  Needless to say, anxiety hit. Summer is moving fast, and I am not ready to let it go, so I made a list of things to do before summer's over. And have granted myself the right to add and add and add to the list until I'm satisfied (I'm never satisfied)

In no particular order:

1. Go to Coney Island
2. Put knobs on my kitchen cabinets
3. Paint my Craig's List mirror
4. Spend a weekend at a Lake (preferably Hunter Lake)
5. Go to a winery (or more than one)
6. Go to Governor's Island
7. Attend an outdoor concert
8. Make my DIY chandelier
9. Re-paint the bathroom (chevron anyone?)
10. Have a summer BBQ
11.  Bake a rainbow cake
12. Eat crabs with a crab mallet
13. Float on the rafts cocktail in hand at Seacrets in Ocean City with three specific babes.
14. Swim in the ocean until my fingers are pruney

Ready. Set. Go.