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July 13, 2011

Recipe: Health Salad

Most of my weird eating habits were acquired from hanging out with my friend Allison over the years.  From pickled everything to hearts of palm and love of hummus, it all stemmed from the big kitchen island in her family's home in New Jersey.  Health salad is one of my favorite side dishes that always reminds me of her house (along with a great cup of coffee).

The side dish is great on its own, in salad, or on a sandwich!

I make this recipe the easy way (pre-cut cabbage and broccoli slaw), which means it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare because I don't have to shred much.  The best part is that it gets better the longer it stays in the refrigerator.

1 bag of shredded green cabbage
1/2 bag of broccoli slaw
1 red pepper
1 cucumber
1 red onion
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup canola oil
3/4 cup white vinegar
1 tsp salt


1. Combine the water, oil, vinegar, and salt in a large bowl. Stir until salt is dissolved

2. Slice red pepper, cucumber, and red onion very finely (the thinner the better)

3. Mix all vegetables - cabbage, broccoli slaw, red pepper, cucumber, and red onion - in the bowl and mix to make sure all gets coated with the oil/vinegar mixture.

4. Transfer to a tupperware or cover bowl and put in refrigerator over night.

The veggies will absorb the oil/vinegar mixture and begin to soften over time.

Serve cold.


Beth said...

I was in need of a new salad for lunch - and this definitely wins the award! So healthy and refreshing, especially in these hot summer days. Thanks for sharing!