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July 6, 2011

I Want Wednesday

I love letters.

Someone once asked me why I own so many things with the letter "m"- earrings, necklaces, notepads, key hooks, mugs, etc. No answer really. I guess in case I forget my name?

Anyway, I've got an "m" for my ear, an "m" for my neck, now I just need an "m" for my fingers!

I actually have been following the catbird blog for quite some time and never really looked into where the shop was. One night while walking in Williamsburg I noticed a familiar sign and saw the catbird logo and have been dying to go back since.  I haven't been to the actual store yet but have spent countless hours online window shopping on the website.  It is the perfect spot for buying gifts for anyone, even yourself (my favorite kind of gift).

These rings are so cute and dainty, I'd like to buy myself one for the next 5 occasions so I can spell "mina" on my fingers (plus a little symbol).

What to celebrate?