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June 21, 2011

Urban Hunter

I've been traveling so much lately all while having panic attacks about having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear that I've slowed down on my favorite activity --  spending all my money on home furnishings! 

Two of the top tasks on my To-Do List for my home is an oversized mirror over my buffet and a chandelier for over my dining table.  I am hoping to find a chandelier that will not only make a bold statement, but serve its purpose and provide a lot of light.  I have toyed with tons of ideas from an upcycled red chandelier to a DIY beaded chandelier. 

I recently came across a room that really caught my eye and noticed something I hadn't considered in it.

An antler chandelier.


I've never really been one for hunting ever since the boy in 7th grade who would bring fresh deer meat packed in his lunch box, but maybe I can find some fake antlers for the sake of design.  I love the idea of mixing styles and the intricacy of these chandeliers might just bring something interesting into my apartment.

Add it to the daily search on Craig's List.