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June 28, 2011

A San Francisco Wedding

A couple weeks ago my sister and I headed out west for a long weekend to celebrate the addition of the finest white boy in all the land to our family. A tiny ceremony in the park followed by breathtaking views during dinner at The Cliff House, and then lots of cousin time in Shabi and Dave's new Pacific Heights apartment and around the windy city.

Needless to say, I think Dawood is kind of happy we live on a different coast.

{something blue}
{my one job: flowers. EPIC. FAIL.}
{urban flowers in castro}
{shabi and dave}
{cousins + dawood}
{wind ruining all of our picture plans}
{San Francisco}
{view out the window of the apartment}
{view from The Cliff House}
{wouldn't be San Francisco without some butt naked bikers midday}

In my head I had plans of moving out to San Francisco in about 5 years.  After this weekend I wasn't sure if I could handle not having a summer, but every day I get to work in dripping sweat with the smell of NYC subway stations in my nostrils, the idea sounds a little bit nicer - trolleys and crisp mornings would be a nice replacement.  Plus, sweatshirts and shorts on the beach is one of my happy places.

The wind really killed all of my hopes of some great photographs, but it did help in this one instance -

my favorite picture of the weekend:


Happy Tuesday!


DaughterEarth said...

yay! great pictures mina!

Shabi said...

hey...send me the pics!!!