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June 30, 2011

Supersize Me

I am in love with the concept of an oversized mirror in the home (as I mentioned here).  It opens up the space and makes a big statement without clutter.  I recently snagged a pretty large french provincial mirror for over my buffet on Craig's List (that still needs to be painted and spruced up), and although it is not as big as the mirrors here, it has already made a big difference.

I'm kind of on a mirror kick and now that I've found a mirror for over the buffet, my next target is a huge leaning mirror for a corner of my apartment. 

But my question still remains -- how do you get it through the doorway?!  Or even before the doorway, the elevator?
June 29, 2011

Watermelon Lime Ice Pops

The easiest, most refreshing dessert for summer! These ice pops take literally 5 minutes to prepare. I originally saw the recipe here, and although mine don't look as cute, they suit me just fine.

{watermelon and limes} 

I picked up these lame-o ice pop molds at IKEA a while back for a dollar or something ridiculous. If you don't have an ice pop mold, you could always use paper cups and popsicle sticks - old school style.   


Blend the watermelon and lime juice in a blender, pour into the mold, and freeze!. I did not add any sweeteners and the popsicles were surprisingly sweet.

{watermelon - lime ice pop}

June 28, 2011

A San Francisco Wedding

A couple weeks ago my sister and I headed out west for a long weekend to celebrate the addition of the finest white boy in all the land to our family. A tiny ceremony in the park followed by breathtaking views during dinner at The Cliff House, and then lots of cousin time in Shabi and Dave's new Pacific Heights apartment and around the windy city.

Needless to say, I think Dawood is kind of happy we live on a different coast.

{something blue}
{my one job: flowers. EPIC. FAIL.}
{urban flowers in castro}
{shabi and dave}
{cousins + dawood}
{wind ruining all of our picture plans}
{San Francisco}
{view out the window of the apartment}
{view from The Cliff House}
{wouldn't be San Francisco without some butt naked bikers midday}

In my head I had plans of moving out to San Francisco in about 5 years.  After this weekend I wasn't sure if I could handle not having a summer, but every day I get to work in dripping sweat with the smell of NYC subway stations in my nostrils, the idea sounds a little bit nicer - trolleys and crisp mornings would be a nice replacement.  Plus, sweatshirts and shorts on the beach is one of my happy places.

The wind really killed all of my hopes of some great photographs, but it did help in this one instance -

my favorite picture of the weekend:


Happy Tuesday!
June 27, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

{brooklyn bridge}


{19th annual NYC dyke march}

{big gay ice cream truck}

{the salty pimp with spicy peanut butter}

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge, legalized same sex marriage in New York, big gay ice cream truck, and the salty pimp*.

Discovered the glory of falling in and out of sleep on the couch filled with blankets on a Saturday night.

*The salty pimp - spicy peanut butter lined cone, vanilla soft serve, caramel, sea salt, and chocolate dip. 
DO IT. Heaven.
June 24, 2011

Room of the Day

It's Friday!


This kitchen is so fresh and if I were ever bold enough to have turquoise counter tops I would copy it in an instant.  The hardware on the cabinets and the bleached white backsplash tone it down just enough where it still feels bright and not overwhelming.  In my dreams there are painted white wood floors in there too.

It's misty and gray in New York today but I'm still hoping for sunny skies for the rest of the weekend because I have a full day of fun and shopping with Kerry on Saturday and I merely can't have two bad hair days in a row.

Happy Friday!

June 22, 2011

Green Tea Frappuccino

Mornings are getting particularly warm and rather than my cup of tea, I sometimes crave something cold and creamy.  I had left over green tea packets from my green tea cake experiment, and as I was looking through the pantry the box reminded me of the delicious Green Tea Frappuccino at Starbucks.

{green tea packets}

I would definitely prefer to use powdered matcha for this (as well as the cake) but I couldn't bring myself to spend the $33 on the mini tin at Whole Foods, so I had opted for the $9.99 Rishi Green Oolong Tea to-go packets.

I blended soy milk, ice, and a packet in the blender and added a little bit of stevia powder to add some sweetness. The result was extremely satisfying and refreshing first thing in the morning.

{green tea frappuccino}

The only thing missing - whipped cream.

There's always next time.
June 21, 2011

Urban Hunter

I've been traveling so much lately all while having panic attacks about having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear that I've slowed down on my favorite activity --  spending all my money on home furnishings! 

Two of the top tasks on my To-Do List for my home is an oversized mirror over my buffet and a chandelier for over my dining table.  I am hoping to find a chandelier that will not only make a bold statement, but serve its purpose and provide a lot of light.  I have toyed with tons of ideas from an upcycled red chandelier to a DIY beaded chandelier. 

I recently came across a room that really caught my eye and noticed something I hadn't considered in it.

An antler chandelier.


I've never really been one for hunting ever since the boy in 7th grade who would bring fresh deer meat packed in his lunch box, but maybe I can find some fake antlers for the sake of design.  I love the idea of mixing styles and the intricacy of these chandeliers might just bring something interesting into my apartment.

Add it to the daily search on Craig's List.  
June 17, 2011

Warby Parker

Anybody who knows me well knows that I have a freak obsession with sunglasses.  I have always just bought a pair and I am always still in the market for a new pair.  I don't even wear sunglasses that much, I just have a straight up addiction.

 BUT, now that I am an adult and extremely responsible, I will be limiting my purchases this summer -- after I buy this one last pair (come on, I just lost my Von Zippers).  I had made up a pair of sunglasses that I wanted in my head and since I actually made them up I haven't been able to find them anywhere.

Enter Warby Parker
If you haven't heard of this eyewear line yet, get on it.  Eyeglasses are all $95 including your prescription lenses!  To top that, every time you buy a pair, they donate a pair to organizations like Restoring Vision.  They are way cool in my books.

Warby Parker just announced their Sun Collection and this pair is EXACTLY what I had envisioned.  True tortoise frame, wayfarer-like shape, and an overall timeless look.

I'm thinking I won't need another pair of sunglasses for a while. 
June 16, 2011

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco was my favorite part of the trip by far.  It felt surreal and almost like Disney World but on the sudden occasions when I would come to the realization that this was a real place with real people, I felt like a Princess (in my own head, of course).  We were only there for one night, and it kills me to think how long I have to wait until my next visit.  I am horrible at using my camera at night; I was too much in awe to focus on taking good pictures; and further, I didn't want to spend my few precious few hours in Monaco behind the viewfinder of my camera.

Hence, this is all I could salvage: