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May 18, 2011

Project #2

I haven't shown many pictures of my apartment, mostly because there is not much to show. Even though I've lived in these 600sq feet for an entire year now, I haven't come close to finishing decorating (I probably never will).  When I moved in, there were 4 main projects that I knew I wanted to tackle: the kitchen, the floors, the bathroom, and the walk in closet. Since moving in, we've gutted the kitchen, but since I haven't been able to decide on a color for the walls or hardware for the cabinets, I haven't done a full before and after besides for my chalkboard wall.  

Tomorrow starts project number 2 -- the floor. 
I've had thirteen boxes of engineered mudslide birch wood floors staring me in the face when I wake up in the morning for the past two weeks, and I'm itching with a combination of excitement and the fact that there are thirteen boxes in the middle of my living space.

Right now the floors are old school New York parquet flooring and some 1960s brown tiles in the walk in closet as well as the linen closet.  I'm going to go ahead and guess that the floor is the original floor that was installed in the apartment.

{from the front door} 

 {looking towards alcove}

  {from dining area}

{towards vanity and bathroom}

Lots of New York apartments have parquet flooring and have tons of character.  I don't have anything against parquet flooring and almost would say that I like the pattern of it; I just don't fancy the color in my apartment.  In addition, the flooring in my apartment is beginning to pull up near the bathroom and the base moulding has clearly been painted a million times.

{damaged floor near the bathroom} 

{ancient / non existent base moulding}

Today starts the installation of the new floors and base moulding. 

Wish me luuuuck.