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May 10, 2011

If You Could See My Dreams

.....They would look like this:

190 Bowery.  Seriously, this building is one of the images that is tucked away in the recesses of my brain from my childhood. I cannot tell you how many times growing up my family drove into the city to walk around Little Italy or Soho on a Saturday, how many times my mom dragged us into every lighting boutique on Bowery (I swear I've been to them all), and then tried to redeem herself with pizza at Lombardi's, and parked right outside this building. It used to totally creep me out because there was ALWAYS a homeless person on the stoop and garbage outside and graffitti all over every inch of the building.  Not only did it creep me out as a kid, but even creeps me out as a grown adult.  It was probably two months ago that I was going to R Bar (nowhere to rave about, but somewhere I often find myself) and RAN past this block because I was creeped.

I complain about New York a lot, but this is one of the reasons New York is actually cooler than anywhere else in the world. Because inside that building that I've passed millions of times thinking that it was a homeless shelter at best, is this:

{NY Mag}

35,000 square feet, 6 floors, 72 rooms, and one family. Read the entire article. It's worth your time.  Afterwards, tell me how you feel. Probably extreme jealousy, then some shock, then a feeling of mere stupidity that your 600sq foot studio apartment cost you no less than three times the amount of this downtown Mansion.

No one said life was fair.