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May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

When it starts getting a little warmer in the city, I start itching to host backyard BBQs for friends and family.  Unfortunately for me, besides a "dry" park behind my apartment, I do not have ANY personal outdoor space.
Welcome to NYC.

On warmer nights when the sun is setting, I like to trick my friends into thinking I actually DO have a rooftop (It's not actually lying, I do have a rooftop-- doesn't everybody who lives in an apartment?).  I just leave out the part about climbing out a window and huge generators until they are in this position cursing my name:

I only lie because I know it's worth it.  It may not have lounge chairs or a grill, but if you can manage to get yourself and your glass of wine out of the window, you won't hate me anymore.

I'll make do with what I have - good friends, guac, wine, and an unlocked window to the roof.

Because in my opinion, every day should be cinco de mayo.

After tonight I should have an amazing spicy grapefruit margarita recipe for you-- inspired by the Jalapeno Margarita at Barrio Chino, one of my favorite cocktails in the city. I couldn't practice concocting last night because I cannot be left unsupervised with tequila (a lesson I learned the hard way), but I plan on winging it tonight for dinner with friends.

Ingredients will include:
100% Grapefruit Juice
Fresh Pink Grapefruit
Sparkling Water



Don't forget your sombrero!