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May 11, 2011

Cold Busting Green Monster

I have the magic ability to come down with illnesses overnight.  Last Friday I woke up with a full blown cold; I tried to fight it but eventually ended up leaving work early to get some rest.  I napped for the entire afternoon and woke up parched, which obviously called for a Cold Busting Green Monster.

Vanilla Almond Milk
Flax Seeds
Vitamin C

I added the flax seeds and two Vitamin C pills to the smoothie just to see how it would work.  They both blended surprisingly well and after two glasses I was happily hydrated!  I also found some frozen pineapple chunks at Trader Joe's.  They have a great selection of frozen fruit to keep on hand for a quick smoothie fix.  I highly suggest it. Plus, sometimes some frozen fruit chunks are a nice treat on a hot day. Try it -- you'll agree.