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April 19, 2011

Vanity at a Vanity

I don't think I knew what a vanity was before I met my BFF Caitie in college. She's so vain, she needed a table specifically to stare at herself. JK, because she always looked clean and I didn't, so I need one now too (Hi CH I love you!). My apartment has a little nook between my so-called bedroom and my bathroom that the floor plan labeled a "dressing closet". Not sure what that's supposed to mean, but I made it my vanity nook. I spend approximately 4 minutes sitting there in the morning putting on makeup and about 15 minutes trying (and usually failing) to do something presentable with the dirty lion's mane that keeps growing on my head.

The nook measures 35" wide by 28" deep and I spent weeks looking for a little table to fit in there. I finally found a decently plain table from a furniture dealer on eBay that fit my under $200 budget.  I can't say I love it, but since I moved in, the nook has looked like this:


Don't mind the gross floor, I'm taking care of that soon- Lumber Liquidators to the rescue! 

Basically the nook looked like a 4th grader's dress up table, which it kind of is because I don't know how to apply makeup, but I'm trying to be mature here.  So, like most 24 year olds living in Manhattan, I spent Saturday night watching Erin Brockovich on Lifetime, spray painting an old mirror, and disassembling a vanity table.

{placement - note Julia Roberts in the reflection}

With the ugly mini mirror and space sucking drawers removed from the table, the nook already looked bigger and less cluttered. I measured where the center of the wall was and the appropriate height of the mirror on the wall so that I could still stare at myself while sitting at the vanity.  Then, I got to spray painting with some high gloss white spray paint (with all the windows open, of course).

{white mirror}

I'm so happy with the result! It's feels airy and light and I have a lot more tabletop space.  I eventually will figure how how to organize my stuff so it doesn't look as messy, but that's not the point of this post.

{please my SICK chandelier I snagged at the flea market last spring for $80}

I had initially planned on painting the table and reupholstering the stool. I'm not sure what changes I'll make, because I haven't come up with the perfect idea yet, but some new knobs are definitely in order.