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April 22, 2011

Furniture Friday

A couple of weeks ago, I told my friends I didn't want to spend a weekend at our alma mater because I didn't want to spend the money on a hotel in the hood. This would have probably costed me about $30 max.

Instead, I spent the weekend at home with my mother.  I should have known better because by the time I got back to the city on Friday, I had spent over $1000, and had no new clothes OR shoes to show for it. 

I do have this to show for it:

I'll call it a sideboard. We saw it at Homegoods and were both obsessed. It's made out of metal and really pretty heavy but it was the perfect size  for the wall across from my dinner table!

The story sounds really happy, but getting this thing into my apartment was not so easy.  Homegoods does not deliver furniture, so my mom and dad tried to do me a favor and fit it into an SUV, but were not so successful.  The sideboard is BIG. It measures 76" x 20" x 31".

After a few angry words about thinking about how I am going to get furniture into my apartment before I purchase it (did I mention I bought a couch that wouldn't fit through my doorway?), my dad left it up to me to figure it out. 
I'd like to say I rose to the challege.

Enter the Craig's List Killer.
He wasn't a killer--but he could have been. I found a random guy with a van to deliver the sideboard.  All I had was faith in humanity and a nice employee at Homegoods who took down his information incase he took my beautiful sideboard and never showed up at my door.

Sideboard (+tax): $641.99
Craigs List Killer: $100
Porter's tip: $20
TOTAL: $761.99

Depending on who you are, you might think this is a steal for a sturdy, well-made piece of furniture. I personally cringe over the thoughts of what I could have bought and where I could have gone with that money, but I really love it and have some great ideas on how to decorate it.

All I can say is whoever I marry better like it, because it's a lifetime investment.


Shabi said...

I LOVE it!! Thats awesome! I can't believe you found that at homegoods of all places!

chris @ court + hudson said...

If you decide you made the wrong decision, I'll take it off your hands! Haha, LOVE it!! : )