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April 21, 2011

Fresh Flowers or Food?

Fresh flowers. Every time.
I am still trying to figure out where I can get some fresh flowers in NYC without spending half my grocery money.  Seriously, somebody help me out.  I usually buy my flowers at Trader Joe's while I'm grocery shopping, and they're pretty reasonably priced (for NYC).  I think a bunch of ranunculus go for $5.99.  Granted, they're usually already opened and don't last more than three or four days.

I got to TJ's late this week and the flower selection was pretty wiped out, so I was left with my "flowering branches" from last week.  In reality, they're not "flowering branches" but more like sticks I could have gathered outside FO FREE. 

On Saturday in the pouring rain I got the itch for flowers and ran to the closest corner bodega to pick some up. I grabbed some quickly because it was raining, and anyone who knows me knows I get an insta-afro in the rain.

They look really pretty, don't they?  I mean they're pretty, but I know how to use my aperture settings and I snapped these pictures Sunday morning with good light. I actually hate them now because Saturday night I was catching up on my blogs and read a post on Heart of Light about how she "splurged" on THREE bouquets of ranunculus and spent $9.00!!

I beg you to GUESS how much I spent at the stupid corner bodega for 8 STEMS (yes, I counted them after I read her post).

$8.00!! I spent $1 on every weed of a flower in the measly bouquet that was too small to go in my regular mason jar.  I almost want to bring them back. What do you think the policy is on returning fresh flowers to a corner bodega?

Seriously considering getting a Tax ID number as a florist so I can get some wholesale deals..