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April 20, 2011

Cake Pops

This is the last glorious dessert I baked before I went home for a weekend and my mother staged an intervention to point out that my tendency to bake desserts for no specific reason could be directly correlated to my rounding face and muffin top.  But that's what moms are for - apathetically pointing out when you're getting past "plump" and encouraging you to spend hundreds of dollars on furniture, right? Right.

If I had to choose a last dessert, this would have been it anyway. These cake pops are AMAZING simply because they combine my favorite things: cheap frosting and boxed cake. We may not have executed them properly, and the sticks may not have stayed on, but it doesn't matter... you don't eat the stick anyway, duh.

I found the recipe on Vanilla Sugar while drooling over some other treats. Ours didn't exactly look as cute, but they tasted absolutely phenomenal.

 {bake a regular cake}

 {get messy and mash the frosting and cake together}

 {form munchkin sized balls}

{dip the sticks into chocolate and stick halfway into the cake balls}

{prepare your toppings}

 {sprinkles, nerds, and coconut}

{do your thing}

{cake pop portrait #1}

{cake pop portrait #2}